Strategic Priorities

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Glenelg Hopkins Strategic Priorities

Responding to climate change in the Glenelg Hopkins region requires increasing the resilience of the natural environment to adverse impacts, maximising the capacity of ecosystems to adapt to change, and maximising the storage of carbon in the landscape consistent with continued productive agricultural enterprises. Fortunately, the actions that will be most effective in achieving these objectives are consistent with best practice approaches that are advocated in the CMA’s present strategies. The following strategic priorities will be pursued to best position the region to thrive in the face of climate change:

  • carbon planting projects that improve landscape connectivity and resilience, and wildlife corridors, ensuring multiple benefits for the environment

  • protection and improvement of blue carbon (wetland) habitats

  • increasing the resilience of agricultural land by fostering soil health and increasing groundcover, and improving the productivity of degraded land

  • carbon planting projects within high value agricultural areas with positive impacts for adaptation and production.