Flora and Fauna Species

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The Corangamite region is home to flora and fauna species that are unique to the area, many of which are dependent on the natural assets mentioned above such as native vegetation, waterways and wetlands. Unfortunately, the region has more than 300 species classified as ‘threatened’ in Victoria, with 53 listed as ‘threatened’ at a national scale.

Many species have evolved over thousands of years and will not have the ability to adapt to what will be a climate that is changing in a relatively short timeframe and as a result, changes to the distribution of species is expected to occur. A climate that is hotter and drier will lead to other indirect impacts such as changes to natural fire and flooding regimes. An increase in these events may have direct impacts on already small, localised populations.

The threats to the region’s flora and fauna are wide and varied, with clearing and fragmenting of existing habitat (e.g. native vegetation), draining of wetlands, changes to environmental flows, environmental weeds and introduced animals, all considered to be highly threatening processes.