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In a Victorian first, the Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), funded through the Australian Government, have undertaken regional climate change adaptation planning.

The aim of this website is to provide a common platform to access climate change adaptation planning for natural resource management across Victoria.

Over three years, the Catchment Management Authorities across Victoria undertook the development of Climate Change Adaptation Plans or Strategies. These were developed using the latest climate change projections by the CSIRO and in conjunction with key research organisations across Australia. This project:

  • developed spatial tools to assess climate change vulnerability across the state,
  • pioneered adaptation pathways planning in the state,
  • undertook extensive engagement with the community and key stakeholders on climate change adaptation, and 
  • produced the most comprehensive natural resource management climate change adaptation planning to date in Victoria.  

The work also provided guidance on carbon farming priorities within the regions. The Victorian Catchment Management Authorities collaborated on the development of this portal through the Victorian CMA Climate Change Forum, which is still in operation.

Through this forum, the Victorian Catchment Management Authorities have been able to develop a list of high priority adaptation options for natural resource management in Victoria and include:

  • landscape connectivity,
  • shared learning,
  • local climate change adaptation planning,
  • supporting carbon sequestration activities,
  • building resilience of soils,
  • protecting aboriginal cultural heritage,
  • protecting and enhancing Victorian “blue carbon”, and
  • building on the partnership with key research organisations.

The ten Victoria Catchment Management Authorities (CMA) who have jointly invested in this website portal are:

Corangamite CMA, East Gippsland CMA, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Goulburn Broken CMA, Mallee CMA, North Central CMA, North East CMA, Port Phillip and Westernport CMA, West Gippsland CMA and Wimmera CMA.